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Behavior and Learning Strategies

About B&LS Founder and CEO

Behavior & Learning Strategies

About Behavior & Learning Strategies Founder and CEO

My name is Joe Dixon.  I am so excited to announce the opening of Behavior and Learning Strategies (BLS). My goal is that BLS is a place where parents, educators, and children can come and work together to help all involved to become better versions of themselves. The process of helping and teaching children cannot be a one-sided cookie-cutter approach. It has to be individualized, compassionate, and humanistic. Additionally, it has to be collaborative and trauma-informed. The teaching should be centered on the child and not upon a certain curriculum or ‘end-result’. My goal with starting Behavior and Learning Strategies is to approach ABA and therapy with these goals in mind.


I want BLS to be a place where individuals can always be heard, supported, and understood. I want it to be a place where ‘forced compliance’ is never a thing and where, as Dr. Greg Hanley states, learners can be Happy, Relaxed, and Engaged (HRE). When a child is confused, angry, irritated, or overwhelmed they are not in the right frame of mind to learn. They need to be given the opportunity to calm down and prepare themselves for learning again. At BLS, our staff is committed to providing a learning environment in which the child is given every opportunity to be HRE and motivated to learn.


A child being HRE is essential to the learning process. Without learning, behavior change is very difficult, if not impossible. Throughout my career, I have found that teaching new skills is the most effective way to help individuals change behaviors. Skills that help the learner interact with the environment in the way they prefer empowers the individual to have the life he/she wants. It allows the person to have the choice on how he/she wants to act and learn. Empowering the individual is our goal at Behavior and Learning Strategies.



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